If you have read the ostensibly page perhaps you have the impression this site is dedicated to the anarchists of the world. Maybe you believe it a place to spark revolutions or instigate change. If that is the case you are partly right, yet, a the same time, completely wrong.

As the name suggests this is a sanctuary. As for the insanity part; well, anything outside the bounds of accepted norms and reality can easily be described as insane. Even some of today’s well established sciences and technology were once considered insane – some still are.

In essence this will be my haven from reality. My hope is that once I have set up camp others will travel the information wasteland of the cyberverse and find this an oasis. A place to express thoughts, explore philosophies and entertain crazy ideas.

Science fiction and fantasy adventure enthusiasts will find a special home here. There will be place dedicated to people who wish to share writing of this nature. You may have noticed I have decided to remain anonymous. That is because I plan to share my writing and I am hoping for honest critique. I don’t want my friends gushing or my enemies hating.

Also being that I live in Northwest Territories, Canada, I will entertain people’s perspectives of the Northern Canada, including Nunavut (I have lived in both territories). I have no experience with the Yukon. It would also be interesting to display fantasy or science fiction writing with a Northern flavour.

Note: no place is absolutely unbound by law and here is no exception. There will be zero tolerance for racism, incitement of hate, defamation, pornography nor for links to sites of such a nature.