At the dawn of the Information Age we tore open Pandora’s box and cast the lid aside.

Through the Internet, we have access to all the graces and horrors humanity has to offer. This amorphous playground of Dionysus and lair of Loki has ensnared those cultures reliant on technology. Now the world is battling to control information it once fought to free. Information with no bounds is as circumspect as knowledge strictly controlled.

Have we become more educated or simply ignorant intellectuals, internalizing every shred of “knowledge” without discrimination. Perhaps we are more discerning? Choosing information as a oenophile might choose a chardonnay. Or, is it possible, by believing information is freedom we have deceived ourselves into a subtle and more insidious form of control? Unable to know who or what information to trust, do we latch to leaders who ensnare us in a blissful oasis of ignorance?

Regardless, information is moving faster than we are able to internalize, understand and legislate. What is evident, however, is secrets no longer exist. And, for the most part, few know what it is they are truly giving away – until it is too late.