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Eugenics, forced sterilization and mercy killings

Do I have your attention yet? Improving the human condition has been the goal of the medical, scientific, political and philosophical communities since the dawn of reason. Unfortunately, when it comes to defining what better means there has never been … Continue reading

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Commercial space flight: Opening the door to the final frontier?

Eight years before the lunar landing the first manned spacecraft left Earth’s atmosphere making history and Yuri Gagarin famous (a crater on the moon is named after him). His flight lasted just under two hours – enough time to orbit the … Continue reading

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Freedom of ignorance. Attack on Yellowknife Muslims by CBC commenters is disgusting.

I have been debating whether to write this post, but I am so appalled by the crap people choose to spout in the name of their right to free speech I have to vent. It has been a week since … Continue reading

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