1923 time traveller: fun while it lasted.

Is the person walking through the shot in the Charlie Chaplain film a time traveller speaking on a cellphone or is she simply testing her new Siemens Hearing aid?

Unfortunately it is likely the latter; but it is fun to think we captured an inattentive time agent strolling through a movie set while sending a message back to the future via her hand-held communication device.

For years time travel was lumped into the pile of garbage science; ruled impossible by scientists and left in the realm of science fiction. Over the past few years the advances in quantum theory have led to more credible theories about how time travel would work. In a past post I mentioned Stephen Hawking’s theory.

Hawking isn’t the only scientist with public views on how time travel is achievable. Dr. Michio Kaku also has theories on the subject. What is interesting about Kaku’s theory is his solution to the grandfather paradox. Essentially the paradox refers to a time traveller meeting his or her grandfather in the past and murdering him (how could you go back in time and kill your grandfather if without him you could never be born?).

Kaku’s theory delves into alternate universes. Think of it this way: every time you make a choice there are mulitple possibilities for outcomes and multiple possibilities of other choices you could have made. The instant a choice is made multiple branches of our universe are born – whole parallel world’s with different choices and outcomes.

So, if you were to go back and time and meet your grandfather – according to Kaku’s theory – time would diverge and you would be meeting the grandfather of your alternate self.

So does that mean if we were to catch a time traveller on film the person wouldn’t just be from the future, but also an alternate universe? I mean if you can’t meet your own grandfather what is to say you could travel into your own past? Would it mean if I went back in time and killed Hitler the holocaust would still happen in my time, just not some alternate universe’s time?

So much for going back for last week’s winning lotto numbers.

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