Alyssandra Romero – Shadow Realm Journalist

This has taken me a little longer than I wanted, it has been crazy busy the past few days but here is the first of my character concepts. If I could draw I would post sketches to go with these, but, alas, I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler.

It’s 2175 and Alyssandra Romero is a goddess. Her fans, enemies and those in between know her only as Veritas – her Shadow Realm persona. In that virtual world forged from technology and imagination, her shadow niche is a simple room of polished white marble; a large dais with a large circular pool of shimmering turquoise water rises from the centre.

Veritas appears to her visitors as a tall, slender blonde, her blue eyes sparkling like sapphires. Barefoot and draped in a sheer, nearly ethereal white gown that clings to every curve, she hovers above the still pool, her toes barely breaking the water’s surface.  Luminescent, she radiates a brilliant, cool white light, her smile gleaming like stars on a moonless night. Her musical voice, nearly prophetic in its tone, reveals government conspiracy, shatters propaganda and to many is the last beacon of truth in the realm; a reputation that, to many, makes her dangerous and a liability.

In the real world, Alyssandra is a fiery red-head with piercing green eyes, only her height and build crosses planes with her. Her cover as a high-end antiquities dealer gains her access to important collectors, many who live in society’s elite. Antiquarians are respected and feared. Within the domes they are usually sophisticated and high-class but their quests for lost artifacts take them into the dystopian wasteland beyond the upper-class’ walled cities where they barter with black-market dealers and dodge the Marauders.

Alyssandra is a pretender among the elite. Twenty-eight years ago, shortly after her birth, her adoptive father found her among the smouldering wreckage of an outlander settlement. Her parents had sheltered her in a make-shift underground bunker during a Marauder raid where Franciso Romero discovered her while picking for lost treasures. Risking banishment he smuggled the little girl under the dome and raised her as his own.

Five years ago her father vanished. The mysterious circumstances to his disappearance motivated Alyssandra to moonlight as a Shadow Realm journalist in hopes of discovering the truth about his disappearance, but there are more secrets in the outlands and beneath the domes than she could have imagined…

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