Technology versus God

Francis Collins – who along with a team of international scientists decoded the human genome – is one of those rare scientists who also has deep religious convictions. He was once quoted saying: “One of the great tragedies of our time is this impression that has been created that science and religion have to be at war.”

It’s an interesting statement considering Mr. Collins’ research is arguably part of the litany of scientific breakthroughs that may actually disprove the existence of God.

Our understanding of genetics has us nearing the point of becoming creators ourselves. Stem cell research has advanced to the point where regeneration technology – which has already been done in laboratory for joints – will replace organ transplantation. 

Ray Kurzweil, whom I have written about in the past, believes computing technology is reaching the point where we can begin reverse engineering the brain. That knowledge, combined with our ability to grow human tissue, may one day lead to the ability to build organic machines (which would be indistinguishable from human beings).  

If that happens then we will have effectively reached the level of creation. With terraforming technology also in the works we may also one day be world-builders, too.

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