My contradiction

I am a tech junky. Anyone who has been to my place knows. I have four computers and three video game consoles – all latest gen. But I have an aversion to everything mobile. I can’t stand cellphones (although the Iphone does slightly pique my interest because of all the applications). I like books made of paper versus devices like the kindle, and I love my desktop and rarely use my wife’s laptops.

I am not sure what it is but cellphones are so much of a pet peeve of mine that I am not sure I will ever own one (well that is until landlines go the way of the dino and I have no choice). I know people say they keep people connected but I honestly think they create more of a disconnect. Kids and adults alike use their phones incessantly. Texting while walking, driving, even sitting at home while watching TV or talking with family. The argument they keep us more connected is a farce. If anything people are developing relationships with their phones, not the people on the other end. The buzz of a new text message or call gets people all aflutter with excitement, but that doesn’t have anything to do with who is on the other end and everything to do with our desire to feel important and our growing addiction to instant gratification.

If people really desired closer contact to others they wouldn’t be on their phones while at parties, out to dinner or at the movies. That only proves that the long-form relationships we keep with people who we have to have actual full-blown conversations with have become too difficult for us to maintain. We can no longer handle those moments of comfortable silence with a loved one while watching a movie or enjoying a meal because we are yearning for that next alert on our phones.

If you don’t believe me try an experiment. Put your phones away for a week (if you need it for business try using it just for that). Does the thought make you sweat? I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

I wonder how many people there are out there like me? How many of you see a cellphone come out at a theatre have to fight off a fit of homicidal rage? Or, at the very least, the temptation to stuff said phone into a hard to reach orifice of its user? There is no such thing as discreet cell phone user. At a movie the things are so bright they shine like a lighthouse in the fog. Cellphone users also seem to need to speak twice as loud when on the phone. Their voices akin to the ceaseless annoyance of your neighbour’s yippy dog.

Rant over. If you can’t try my little experiment than at least hang up when you’re at a movie, restaurant or at a place when you should be interacting with those of flesh and blood.

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