Entering the fray

Well, for a long time I have debated starting a blog. I will spare you the gibbering that went on in my head before I finally took the plunge. I am sure the internal debate is similar for most new bloggers.

I am not entirely sure what my goal is for this space. I have a few ideas and I am mostly hoping my adventure in the blogosphere mirrors reality in a way. I would like the content to be dictated by the threads of fate. As people read (if people read), my hope is they will pose questions, submit stories, start debates and lead the blog in a direction that is almost random. But, in the end, I hope it leads to a place of discovery; where we all learn something about each other, our world, and, hopefully, read a good story or two.

I won’t reiterate the underlying them of the blog; for that you can read the ostensibly page and get an idea for what it is all about. I will tell you what I plan to add to the blog as time goes by.

I am an amateur writer with the hope for more. However, my greatest fear is having anyone actually read what I write. In fact, I find the prospect paralyzing. Instead of writing (something that was easy and fluid when I was a carefree child with no fears or ambitions) I agonize. Every word, phrase and paragraph I write is read, reread, edited and re-edited to the point the flow that comes from the freedom of free writing is lost; the story a corpse bludgeoned and bloodied with red ink. My hope is the anonymity will allow me to overcome that fear.

I will also extend that luxury to others. If you wish to post something here for people to read I will gladly put it up. You may be anonymous or use your name. If you do choose anonymity please provide a pseudonym.

My second goal for this blog is to feed my desire for good debate. I have included a link to a forum. Feel free to start a conversation and solve all the world’s problems.

Finally, I will also periodically post links to media I find of interest. This will range from science and gaming to politics and people.

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